Apache Royale communication with ColdFusion

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Apache Royale communication with ColdFusion


First of all, I tried to follow the steps of https://github.com/apache/royale-asjs/wiki/Apache-Royale-communication-with-AMF-and-RemoteObject and I just managed to make it work the first time. Now every time I run mvn clean install the following error appears:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project RemoteObjectAMFTest-MXRoyale: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.apache.royale.examples:RemoteObjectAMFTest-MXRoyale:swf:0.9.6-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact com.adobe.flash.framework:playerglobal:swc:20.0 in apache-release (https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/releases)

Is a problem with the repository?

On the other hand, my goal is to make the Royale-Coldfusion connection as I did in the previous version of Flex. Has someone managed to do this successfully?

I have several applications in flex but the step to Royale is not being as I expected, at least in this aspect.