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Call to arms - Ask just a question in StackOVerFlow

Carlos Rovira-2
Hi all,

maybe you already know, but if not we open StackOverFlow "apache-royale" tag since is the way people uses to search for code solutions in internet vía google

(other tags that can be added optionalyl are "mxml" and "as3" and more of course)

here's an example of question

So I want to ask you to help with a very easy action:

1.- If you're not registered on OSF site, please do do

2.- Ask something with a meaningful question that be easy to read and targets some concrete problem.

         This can be something you are stuck, or something you already solved. All will be good content and you'll help to make Apache Royale grow in SOF and have more presence and make others that comes to Apache Royale solve problems and makes all grow as a comunity.

So this is a very easy task for you. This is a point where you can help Apache Royale project. Hope you all can invest a few minutes and do all of us this little favor.

3.- If you want go to 2.- and repeat all times you want! :)

Thanks in advance!! :)