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According to my comments below.

May anyone may reopen the case #815 ?


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Konu: Re: [apache/royale-asjs] Menu construction with xml data (#815)
Tarih: Wed, 13 May 2020 01:29:35 -0700
Kimden: Serkan Taş [hidden email]
Reply-To: apache/royale-asjs [hidden email]
Kime: apache/royale-asjs [hidden email]
CC: Serkan Taş [hidden email], Your activity [hidden email]

I confirm that menu is displayed @aharui

But with two problems (needs to be reopened)

  1. menu displayed but but not as expected
  2. onClick handler is not functioning

live test click


Displays the root element of the xml as menu and the rest as submenus which is not I needed. You can see the one in flex above.

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