Refactor in Jewel for DataItemRendererFactoryForCollectionView

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Refactor in Jewel for DataItemRendererFactoryForCollectionView

Carlos Rovira-2
Hi all,

I removed Jewel DataItemRendererFactoryForCollectionView in favor of Basic one.
Still there's two places where is used, but I removed from the rest of components (List, ButtonBar, Navigation,...).

I as well fixed and issue I fixed in Dynamic beads for Jewel versions but was still present in Basic ones (I mean the ones for Add, Remove, etc) where changing a dataProvider does not remove the listener, so it was hanging.

For Jewel is important to mention that from now you can stop using this beads in List based components:


since the functionality is present in the basic Mapper.

This is not the case for DataGrid components that has similar beads but to affect the underlying Lists that are composed, but I think that could be simplified now.

It was a long refactor and I need to stop for now, but all should be working, or at least I don't see issues in TDJ