Royale Application Runtime Issue [DBiz ERP Application]

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Royale Application Runtime Issue [DBiz ERP Application]

alina kazi-2



I am working on my Royale Application and I am adding an element like this:


var appViewStack:ViewStack = new ViewStack();

appViewStack.percentWidth = 100;

appViewStack.percentHeight = 100;


var compERPView:Canvas = new AppView_ERP() as Canvas; = "appView_ERP";


appView_ERP is a mxml file has starting and ending tag  mx:Canvas  

It was working fine till march 2019.

Now, with Latest release downloaded on 01-JUL-19

I am getting this error :


columnNumber: 11

fileName: "http://localhost:8080/SHMA/org/apache/royale/core/HTMLElementWrapper.js"

lineNumber: 124

message: "Cannot convert EventDispatcher to IBead"

stack: "org.apache.royale.core.HTMLElementWrapper.prototype.addBead@http://localhost:8080/SHMA/org/apache/royale/core/HTMLElementWrapper.js:....


-Alina Kazi