mx:ComboBox using prompt and labelFunction questions

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mx:ComboBox using prompt and labelFunction questions

Hi Royale Users,

Currently migrating a flex app to royale. I'm trying to use some comboBox
properties and they seem to be not working.


This should display a comboBox with "Select..." correct? am I missing

The SDK 0.9.8 seems to not be able to find the property labelFunction. This
is fine because I know not all properties have been completed for the
emulation components. My question here is when I look at the source code in
the SDK../MxRoyale/src/main/royale/mx/controls/ how can I tell if
a property has been implemented.

Where and/or how do the mxml component properties get set? I see some
commented out code regarding labelFunction. Is it just available on the
class? Does some documentation already exist for how to implement a property
for an emulation component?

Thank you for your time.

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