"org.apache.royale.textLayout.conversion.FormatDescriptor is not a constructor"

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"org.apache.royale.textLayout.conversion.FormatDescriptor is not a constructor"

Serkan Taş
Hi Alex,

no compiler error, no console output on browser bu  discover this message in debugger, and can not explain. May be you have an idea :

message :

"org.apache.royale.textLayout.conversion.FormatDescriptor is not a constructor" stack :

"TypeError: org.apache.royale.textLayout.conversion.FormatDescriptor is not a constructor at eval (eval at org.apache.royale.textLayout.conversion.TextConverter.addFormatAt (, <anonymous>:1:1) at Function.org.apache.royale.textLayout.conversion.TextConverter.addFormatAt ( at Function.org.apache.royale.textLayout.conversion.TextConverter.addFormat ( at Function.org.apache.royale.textLayout.conversion.TextConverter.setFormatsToDefault ( at"